The journey of the cervix

The cervix is the opening to the uterus or neck of the womb. When you are not pregnant and during most of your pregnancy, your cervix faces the back of your body, towards your bottom. 

Your cervix journey starts when your baby is ready to be born. The baby releases a protein called fibronectin into the amniotic fluid. This happens when the baby’s last organ, the lungs, are fully developed. This protein is then detected by the cervix. Then the cervix starts its journey. It moves forward to align with your vagina, then it starts to soften, shorten (efface) and open (dilate). The final stage of this process – the cervix opening – happens when you are dilating. It’s useful to remember that, by this point, the cervix has already done a lot of work and you are well on your way! This process can take weeks and most commonly starts around anywhere between weeks 36 and 42.

All of these muscles are specifically designed to give birth. There is no fault in the design. This process has been happening for over 2 million years.

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