Group & Private Courses

Group and private, in-person courses will only be available in Åland Islands, Finland.

The course is only available in English.


togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Full hypnobirthing course – per couple togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol

Cost: Group: €220 per couple – capacity for up to five couples.
Private: €250 per couple, taught in the comfort of your own home.
Duration: 10 hours, over two, one-day sessions.
Location: TBC, but in Mariehamn.
Course includes:

  • Comprehensive antenatal course; the anatomy of pregnancy, the role of hormones, pain relief, gentle cesarean procedure, a who’s who of the medical team, timelines, facts & figures.
  • Breathing techniques
  • Guided relaxation
  • Three MP3s of guided relaxations
  • Learn the SCOPE of a birth partner’s role
  • Massage techniques
  • Pregnancy affirmations cards to download
  • A training workbook given out at the beginning of the course
  • Visualisation techniques
  • And much, much more

Extras: Ongoing support after the course until you have your baby, WhatsApp / Messenger / Email support, 1-hour private session via zoom or in person and a postpartum catch-up.

Contact to book


togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Intensive antenatal course togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol

Cost: €120 per couple – capacity for up to five couples.
Duration: Four-hour course, done in one day.
Location: TBC but in Mariehamn.

Course includes:

  • Anatomy of pregnancy.
  • The role of hormones.
  • Pain relief.
  • Gentle cesarean procedure.
  • Medical team – who you will meet.
  • Timelines.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • What to pack and why.
  • Importance of your environment.
  • Birth preferences/plan.
  • 24 hours postpartum.

Extras: Ongoing support after the course – if needed. Post-partum meet-up optional.

Note: if you go on to book the full hypnobirthing course, €80 will be deducted from your course cost.


togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Full hypnobirthing course – for mums in Åland togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
The group course for mums on their own costs €180 per person – a minimum of 3 people to run this course. It is important for birthing partners to be involved, but with today’s hectic lifestyle, sometimes this isn’t possible.
Includes everything the full hypnobirthing course includes.
A really fun way to connect with other like-minded mums-to-be.

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togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Hypnobirthing taster class togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol

Cost: The taster group class costs €20 per couple.
Duration: One and a half hours.
Location: TBC, but in Mariehamn.

Not sure about booking the full course but want to find out more?

This taster class gives couples an overview of how hypnobirthing will support them on their pregnancy and birthing journey. A good introduction to hypnobirthing.

Contact to book.

Note: if you go on to book the full hypnobirthing course, €20 will be deducted from your course cost.



togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Top-up / Refresher couursestogother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
If you’re studying on your own and want a top-up or want to focus on a specific area, this can be arranged.
Minimum of 2 hours at €60 this is per couple or one-to-one. No group sessions for top-up or refresher courses.
Times, locations, and dates will be arranged privately.

togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Bespoke coursestogother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
These courses will be agreed according to needs, numbers, and locations – The Positive Birth Group can arrange classes outside of Åland if required.


Request a course date:

As each course, on or off-line, needs to be prepared in advance, they must be paid in full 48 hours before the course begins. If you cancel your place on any of the courses, you will only receive 50% refund.