Our philosophy

The Positive Birth Group is an on and offline community, educating and empowering people and their partners through pregnancy. We’ll help you create a calm, confident, informed, and most importantly, positive, birth of your choice.

The Positive Birth Group works with five C’s;
• Calm,
• Confidence,
• Comfort,
• Choice and
• Control.

This does not have to mean a natural birth, it does not have to mean no medication, it does not have to mean a homebirth in a birthing pool, and it does not have to mean no c-section.

It means:

A CALM AND INFORMED, POSITIVE BIRTH OF YOUR CHOICE. However you see your birth being, The Positive Birth Group will give you and your birth partner all the tools to make this possible.

You’ll be taught all aspects of births to understand the benefits and risks; and you’ll be given alternatives for the most common scenarios you might face. Your birth partner will be supported in maximising their role to not only be by your side, but on your side. You’ll have all the information you need to make the BEST choices for you and your baby, confidently and within a calm environment, where you feel comfortable and have full control.

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