About Sarah

I am a Glasgow girl living in Finland with my Swedish fiancée and three kids. I moved to Åland Islands, Finland in 2019 from Malta, where I had lived for 7 years. I met Sebastian 3 months after I moved to Malta – which was not the plan at all – but when things feel right, you should just go with them. A house, a son and 2 daughter later, we decided on a new adventure to Scandinavia; which is a wonderful place to raise children.

I graduated from university in Glasgow with Marketing & Business Degree and have always worked in that field. With Glasgow being a social hub of nightlife and dining, I naturally went into Marketing within the leisure industry – which I loved. At that point, Digital Marketing and Social Media were really starting to take off and become fundamental in Marketing.

I then moved into hotel Marketing throughout the UK, the company I worked for managed over 50 hotels ranging across various brands; franchised and privately owned. It was a real variation which made the job different and exciting every day.

When I was approaching 30 I wanted a change, a big change. That’s when I started thinking about moving abroad. So, I went for it.

Hypnobirthing was something I’d never heard of until I was pregnant. Read about my hypnobirthing journey>>>

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