Hospital procedures & protocols for pregnancy & birth

Hospital procedures are not the law or even evidence-based.

Examples of protocols and procedures you don’t have to do:

– internal examination – it’s your vagina, and they don’t actually give much information.
– IV preparation. This is don’t “incase” something bad happens, which is about 4% of the time. Do you want to prepare for the worst?!
– diabetes test. You don’t have to take this. If you’re told, when your baby is born, he/she will have to be tested, it’s your baby, you don’t have to let you baby be tested either. If you have no history or biabetes and if you’re healthy then…. don’t do it.
– many, many more….

For balances reseach for every procedure, my course is for you. Then you have make up your own mind. 

Protocols and procedures are in place to protect hospital staff, they’re not necessarily in the best interest of the “patient” (“patient” because pregnancy and birth is not an illness).

You do not HAVE to do anything that’s proposed, if you do not want to.

If at any point during pregnancy or birth you feel pressured or you feel like you don’t have a choice, you’re being coerced and you should question the situation.

Anything you’re asked to do during pregnancy and birth should be evidence based, with balances benefits and risks of the procedure, as well as alternatives.

During a course with The Positive Birth Group, you will learn about every possible procedure, why it’s in place and what the benefits and risks are.

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