Stages of birth

There are three stages of birth. The names of each stage relate to the process that is happening in your body:  Stage one - the up stage.Stage two - the down stage.Stage three - birthing the placenta. Stage one: the up stage  This stage is actually split into two: early birth and active birth. Early … Continue reading Stages of birth


A VBAC is also known as vaginal birth after a cesarean.  First of all, let me make something clear, however, you birth your baby, you are incredible, amazing, and strong. Birth matters and every mother should be able to feel like they are respected, heard, and treated kindly when it comes to birth; abdominal or … Continue reading VBAC

The Positive Birth Group in the Media The above article is in Swedish, but below is roughly translated: It is now possible for pregnant women to take a course in hypnobirthing with their partner in Åland. The course leader is Sarah Mazzone who herself has benefited greatly from the method. - I teach relaxation techniques that help women give birth more … Continue reading The Positive Birth Group in the Media