30 Seconds of Calm.

Modern life and adulting is a busy place. Add kids into the mix and calm can be a distant memory. 

During 2020 everyone had to deal with epic changes in their lives which made being calm not only a distant memory but nonexistent. I personally went days and days where I felt like I had hardly even taken a breath. My anxious, stressful state of mind was having an impact on my children, too. 

One day, we were all at home, everywhere was closed and it was pouring with rain outside. In that moment everyone was a little too much for me. I made us all sit in a circle to have ‘30 seconds of calm’. We closed our eyes and took three long, deep breaths. This became something we did every so often. 

I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling overwhelmed in a global pandemic? 

I wanted to find a way to communicate this online for anyone that needed it. So the ‘30 Seconds of Calm’ from the Positive Birth Group was born.

Here is one of my favourites:

Living in Åland Islands, I am surrounded by stunning, tranquil nature, so I thought I would show this off and share my backdrop. 

If you have a spot in your area you find especially peaceful and calm, send me your videos and you can feature on ‘30 Seconds of Calm’. Email it to hello@thepositivebirthgroup.com or send it in a DM. 

To see all of the videos on our YouTube page CLICK HERE>>>

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