Birth story from my baby daddy

I watched in awe, the birth was exactly as she had visualised.

Sarah’s contractions were on and off for 3 days, we even went into hospital on the Monday evening because the contractions were 5 minutes apart and very strong, and this was our second baby so I was sure it was time. Sarah was 4cm dilated but at 11pm everything stopped. We had to decide if we wanted to stay in hospital and be induced or go home and wait. IMG_1031

Having done the hypnobirthing course together, we knew that things must have stopped for a reason and we decided to go home and wait. We got home early Tuesday morning and the contractions started again on Wednesday afternoon. Sarah’s control and breathing were so good, but very different from Monday’s contractions. Having been at the hospital on Monday, Sarah wanted to stay at home as long as possible in case things stopped again. I was a bit anxious because I didn’t want to deliver the baby at home, alone. At 11pm on the Wednesday we headed back to hospital.

Upon arrival, Sarah had an examination and she was 8cm dilated. We did an almighty Hi5! Our girl was well on her way. Our midwives Josepha and Rebecca  were amazing. Very accommodating to our wishes. They were both calm and professional. I went through our birth plan with Josepha, as Sarah was rather busy. Sarah was very set on not using the bed, she wanted to move around as much as possible.

Sarah’s water broke just after midnight, but she thought she had wet herself and didn’t want me to call the midwife, but I did anyway, and good job I did because the baby was out within 10 minutes. Everything was 10/10. It couldn’t have been better. Sarah did an amazing job. She told me on a number of occasions what she wanted the birth to be like, and as I watched in awe, the birth was exactly as she had visualised.

I may have cried…a bit….

My girls did amazingly. Love you both.