Printable affirmation cards for mummies.


Set of 30 positive affirmation cards for pregnant people. These cards have been created to give a pregnant person a little sparkle of positivity – just when they might need it.


These cards have been created to give loving mummies a sprinkle of positivity – just when they might need it!  You can print these on card or paper in the comfort of your own home. Nice and easy to do, with the same beautiful design as the premade cards.

These cards help pregnant people stay positive when thinking, speaking and preparing for the birth of their baby. Keep the pack of cards in your bag, by your bed, in your make-up drawer, or beside the kettle – and just before starting your day, give them a quick shuffle and select a card. These words might be exactly what you need to hear, giving you a boost to kick-start your day!

You may question how effective affirmations are or if they are simply, airy-fairy and hippie-dippy.

Positive affirmations are statements which encourage a healthy, happy mindset and lifestyle. They are evidence-based and backed by neuroscience. These gorgeous cards will give you the power to reshape, rewire and reprogram the subconscious. When you practise positive affirmations on a regular basis you stimulate the neuroplasticity, creating new neuropathways.

These affirmations cards are designed to reprogram limited beliefs, negative subconscious narrative, anxiety and fears. They will help you align your mind to be the highest version of yourself.

These changes in your mind will have a ripple effect on your family and friends which allows you to connect with similar mindsets and this, in turn, leads to healthier and happier communities.

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