Bunting for children. Set of 15. Printable.


Set of 15 positive affirmations on bunting for kids to create, design, and enjoy.
Positive affirmations support healthy mental health and education.


Starting the practice of positive affirmations from a young age and making them part of your child’s life is such an important tool.

Whether they are read aloud or visually seen around the house, positive affirmations will have a massive impact on your child’s mental health.

Each set of bunting has 15 affirmations and three blank bunting templates to add your own affirmations. You can colour and design them to bring out your child’s personality. Hang them in their bedroom or around the house.

Your child will enjoy creating them and seeing their own creations, every day.


You may question how effective affirmations are or if they are simply airy-fairy and hippie-dippy.

Positive affirmations are statements which encourage a healthy, happy mindset and lifestyle. This finding is evidence-based and backed by neuroscience. These gorgeous cards will give you the power to reshape, rewire and reprogramme your subconscious. When you practise positive affirmations on a regular basis you stimulate the neuroplasticity, creating new neuropathways.

This bunting is designed to deal head on with limited beliefs, negative subconscious narratives, anxiety and fears. They will help you align your mind to be the highest version of yourself.

These changes in your mind will have a ripple effect on your family and friends helping you to connect. Research shows that more positive mindsets lead to healthier and happier communities.

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