Birth plan or birth preferences – Tick boxes


Birth preferences template – tick boxes. Printable or online edits.


Birth preferences or birth plan template in a tick box format. Printable or can be done online.


When it comes to giving birth you should always be flexible, however, having a plan and deciding on your preferences, means you have done your research, you know your options and you have made choices. Knowing your options and what choices are available to you means you and your birth partner are informed. This will give you confidence and make you calmer when it comes to giving birth.

Most large life events are planned; weddings, moving house, going on holiday, even Christmas, we plan, plan, plan. You have a plan A in case X, Y or Z happens and plan B in case X, Y, or Z happens, even plan, C and D sometimes. This is normal in life events.

You will remember the day you give birth forever, so having your preferences in place means you, your birth partner, and your medical team know what you would prefer in different scenarios.


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