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What is Hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing is self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques to be used for pain relief during labour and childbirth. You and your partner will also have these skills to last you a lifetime, if you ever need to use them.

Who is Hypnobirthing suitable for?
Hypnobirthing is suitable for first time mums and mums who’ve had kids before. We help women who are scared of birth because they’ve never done it before, who are anxious because of a bad experience last time, or who just want a calmer, easier, more natural birth experience. If you’re pregnant, and looking for an alternative to the over-medicalised, pain-is-inevitable, “gimme all the drugs” mindset, then Hypnobirthing is for you.

When should you attend a course?
Anytime after 20 weeks pregnant. It’s important that you have time to practice or have additional time to focus on specific areas of the course. Your birthing partner must attend too as they play a vital part in your hypnobirthing journey. If you’re over 34 weeks pregnant and don’t have time to do the full course, one-to-one sessions can be arranged.

Will I be hypnotised and not know what’s going on, like eat an onion and think it’s an apple?
No. This will not happen. Unfortunately TV, movies and stage has portrayed hypnotherapy in a very mistaken way. It’s power of words and feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Can you guarantee a completely pain-free labour and birth?
No. There are various factors that can affect your birthing journey, some of which are outside your control. Also, like any childbirth preparation class, the success of the techniques is related to the amount of practice you put in. As a guide, it’s been found that around 65-70% of Hypnobirthing mums don’t need any form of pain relief. Nearly all the mums in this category simply don’t experience any pain – just pressure. Around a further 20-25% only require something mild, like gas and air. The remaining 5-10% usually fall into what we like to call ‘special circumstances’, where medical intervention is required. However, the Hypnobirthing mums still tell us that Hypnobirthing really helped, as they remained calm and were able to made informed decisions that were best for them and their baby, regardless of circumstances.

How do I pay for the course?
You can pay by bacs transfer,  cheque or PayPal. Payment must be made in fully at least 2 working days before the course starts. Material for the class will be sent to you on recipe of full payment. If you cancel with 24 hrs of the course, 10% will be kept to cover costs.

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