Group & Private Courses

Private and group courses will only be available in Åland Islands, Finland. The course is only available in English.

togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Full course – for couples togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
The group course costs €200 per couple – a maximum of 5 couples could be present.
Private courses cost 240 per couple – this can be done in the comfort of your own home.
These will be split into 2 x 3 hour sessions. Then continuous support throughout pregnancy until the baby is born.  

togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Taster Course – for couples togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
The group course costs €20 per couple
This is to give couples an overview of how hypnobirthing will support them on their birthing journey. A good introduction to hypnobirthing.

togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Full course – for mumstogother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
The group course for mums on their own costs €180 per person – a minimum of 3 people could be present (max. of 6). It is important for birthing partners to be involved, but with today’s hectic lifestyle, sometimes this isn’t possible.
This course will be split into 2 x 3 hour sessions and will be organised as and when requests come in.

togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Top-up / Refresher coursestogother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
If you’re studying on your own and want a top-up or want to focus on a specific area, this can be arranged.
Minimum of 2 hours at €60 this is per couple or one-to-one. No group sessions for top-up or refresher courses.
Times, locations, and dates will be arranged privately.

togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Bespoke coursestogother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol
These courses will be agreed according to needs, numbers, and locations – The Positive Birth Group can arrange classes outside of Åland if required.

To enquire about a course or make a booking please complete below: