The full course is run over two four-hour sessions and will be done in English. Private sessions in the comfort of your own home are also available. If you need a top-up on studying you’re already doing or want a tailored session, this can be arranged.

The full course includes:
togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol An in-depth guide on how to reach a deep state of relaxation.
togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol The concept and principles that a woman’s body and muscles are designed to give birth, without the need for pain or discomfort.
togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Three specific breathing techniques, along with visualisation and deepening techniques, as well as optimal positions for giving birth.
togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Recognising and releasing fears you have surrounding birth. 
togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Nutrition and exercise for a healthy pregnancy, which will help support you when giving birth.
togother-hypnobirthing-malta-symbol Birth preferences, communicating with your medical team and an extensive guide to the birth partners role before and during the birth.

You will also receive a certificate from The Positive Birth Group, the KG Hypnobirthing Book, 3 MP3s, a course handout pack, ongoing support until you’re holding your baby and a post-partum meet up, various beauty samples, and a keepsake.

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