Hypnobirthing made birth easier and smoother

Our Anna is an absolute dream, she is so adorable and doing really well. The hypnobirthing techniques really helped me and I believe that it made the delivery so much easier and smoother.

The delivery was relatively quick and went smoothly. I could have stayed home a bit longer, but in all the excitement and it being a cold winter night, we went to hospital a bit early.

We arrived at the hospital at 21.30 and I was only 2 cm dilated. They decided to keep me for four hours to monitor the progress. Within those four hours I went up to 5cm and they kept me.

IMG_0002Anna was born at 05.47 the next morning.

The last bit of phase 1 was tough though and I really did not manage to apply any of the relaxation or breathing exercises then. That is when I took the pethidine.

Phase 2 was much better, I visualised this massive avalanche and was just so keen to see my little girl that nothing mattered anymore.

Thankfully, I did not have any stitches (the perineum massage must have helped!) and recovery is going well.

The midwives were very helpful and although it was different from what I expected, I did have the intimate and memorable delivery I aimed for.

What I did not expect is how I just focussed on myself and kind of withdrew myself. I thought I would engage more with David, doing it together, relying on his support, but apart from squeezing his hand, I was just not in a position to “let him in”. I even shouted at him to not ask me any questions and to not touch me – poor man, he really did a good job trying to support me.

It is amazing how the body and mind work, I remember it was painful and tough at times, but it’s all very hazy.

I would like to thank you for everything. I felt quite prepared and confident going into labour and the relaxation techniques kept me grounded.

From Maggie, David and Anna x