best experience of my life

Without your class I would never manage to do it


Dear Sarah,

As you can see my little pie popped up the 27th January, and it was the best experience of my life. I would like to thank you cause I managed to have the delivery I wanted.

My water broke in my livingroom and we went off to Mater Dei, but I had no contractions, still open at 4 like the week before, at 15h30 the contractions started, painful but manageable, at 20h, I am still open at 4 cm, so the doctor decided to give me oxytocin, I started crying, all the planning I made in my mind was ruined.

I manage to relax with my husband, who really helps me,  to visualize all the process of the birth, the change of hormones, I explained all your training to him twice and we noticed all the steps of the process, especially when the adrenaline started, I wanted to push and I was suddenly full of energy again and no more pain.

We had a great experience at Mater Dei, all the staff were so nice and helpful, they helped me to resist the epidural, to stay positive and to give birth how I wanted…

My husband was my coach, and I was, as you explained in my bubble. His version of the birth is very different from mine because of this, for example, a lot of doctor and students came on visit but I didn’t even notice, as he managed the outside world.

My daughter is easy going, she drinks every 4 hours and never cries.

Thanks again, because without your class I would never manage to do it, I was really fast, and I am happy of the choice I made.

Love, Audrey and baby Louise.