Caffeine consumption during pregnancy

Is it ok to have caffeine during pregnancy, in short, YES! The risks included increased heart rate for you and the baby, can reduce the baby’s weight, can increase your anxiety and cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

How much coffee can you drink?

The WHO and NHS have recommended between 200-250mg per day but remember if you are having caffeine as part of your diet to drink plenty water. What contains Caffeine?

Caffeine can be found naturally in some products such as tea, coffee and chocolate
It is also added to others including energy drinks, cola and some cold/flu remedies

What does 200mg caffeine actually look like?

It will vary product to product so checking packaging is important but as a rough guide

Coffee (instant) 100mg/cup
Coffee (filter) 140mg/cup
Tea 75mg/cup
Green tea 20mg/ cup
Cola 40mg/ can
Energy drinks 160mg
Milk Chocolate 50g 20mg

Please note: ‘Caffeine Free’ = Reduced not Zero Caffeine
‘Caffeine Free’ teas/coffees tend to have a reduced amount of caffeine but still contain some

(WHO & NHS, 2021)

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