Full moon baby?

A lot of midwives and birth workers swear that more babies are born under a full moon.

The first full moon of 2022 falls tomorrow, Monday 17th January around 6.50 EST. This ‘Wolf Moon’, constellation of Cancer, is set to heighten emotions. Why is this? And why is there a theory that more women go into labour under a full moon? 

Our female ancestors always worked around the lunar cycle. They had lunar rituals throughout their communities. But nowadays we work to routines, not rituals. 

The lunar cycle and female cycles have many things in common: 

There are…
28 days in the lunar cycle
28 days in a menstruation cycle

4 phases of the moon
4 phases of menstruation
4 seasons of nature

There are also said to be 4 rites of passage throughout a woman’s life – birth, puberty, reproduction, and death. 

Physiologically, humans are made up of mostly water. The magnetic pull of the full moon draws the Earth’s waters, making tides higher and our internal water levels increase and are drawn to the magnetic pull too. Our bodies and brain are naturally at the most hydrated during a full moon. This is also why our brains can be more active around a full moon and people have trouble sleeping. All part of nature. It’s pretty amazing. 

Over the past 2 years I have been very aware and in-tune with my menstrual cycle, which automatically draws me into the lunar cycle – my period always falls on a full moon. 

So are we tuned to the moon? 
Have you had your baby under a full moon? 
Does the moon affect your moods and feelings? 
Should we introduce more rituals instead of routine?

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