Positions for birth


No not the little green guys from another planet……keep reading.

Do you fancy:

Knocking 82 minutes off your birthing time,
And giving your baby up to 30% more space to come out?

Sounds UFO – utterly fantastic outstanding? Yes it does, but UFO stands for upright, forward and open. 

Being in a good upright, forward and open (UFO) position knocks an average of 82 minutes off the first stage of birth as well as giving your baby up to 30% more space to maneuver out the birth canal and through the pelvic.

Being in a UFO position allows your baby to be supported by gravity and not have to work against it. Laying down means your baby and your body will have to work extra hard. No one would ever lay down to do a poo because it would be difficult and feel unnatural, being upright in birth is similar.

When it comes to the BIG DAY, you do not know how long your birth will be, it could be hours or days, so it is important to practise what positions you find most comfortable leading up to your baby’s birth.

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