Sarah teaches expectant parents hypnobirthing.

The Positive Birth Group in the press. Translated from Swedish and printed in Nya Aland on Tuesday 16th February 2021.

A partner at the birth makes it easier for the mother.

Where the brain goes, the body follows. That’s what Sarah Mazzone says, who offers expectant parents courses in hypnobirthing. The method aims to reduce the risk of painful and prolonged births.

I want to create as comfortable and relaxed an environment as possible, says Sarah Mazzone, who is trained in “KG Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Care”.

Sarah Mazzone was born in Glasgow, Scotland. She met her Swedish husband when she lived in Malta, where she gave birth to the couple’s first two children.

My first child was born using the hypnobirthing method and it was such a wonderful and positive experience. After that, I trained in the method to be able to help other women have the same positive experience, she says.

In short, hypnobirthing is about helping expectant mothers deal with fear and anxiety with the help of breathing and relaxation exercises, and knowledge.

I teach why things happen, for example what it means to be “open three centimeters”. How to work with the body instead of against it. Where the brain goes, the body follows, says Sarah Mazzone.

Guided meditation

Breathing and relaxation exercises are a key element. The more relaxed you are, the less it hurts. In the courses I teach guided meditation to reach a state of deep relaxation. When I gave birth to my second child, I managed the pain because I always knew what was happening and did not oppose the body.

She also teaches the woman’s birth partner what they can do.

They should stand by her side, communicate on her behalf, so that she can concentrate on her body. They know the woman better than anyone else. If a birth partner is worried about something special, I can also work with that person separately, says Sarah Mazzone.

Mom or a friend

Sarah Mazzone’s husband has been present at the birth of the couple’s all three children. But the birth partner does not have to be the baby’s father.A mother I worked with had her friend with, and a young mother had her own mother as a birth partner, says Sarah Mazzone.

I always ask the question to get customers to think through how they want it. She usually encourages her course participants to keep in touch with each other, for example through groups on social media.


Sarah Mazzone is trained in marketing. She is therefore not a midwife or medically trained. I teach at a very basic level, which is easy to understand but without talking down to the participants, she says.

Expectant parents are offered a “try” session of 1.5 hours. Most people then decide to buy an entire course, says Sarah Mazzone.

She does not want hypnobirthing to be seen as a trend.

Women have given birth at home since the beginning of time, so it’s more about going back to the origins.

Wise midwife

Sarah Mazzone and her husband moved from Malta to Åland in 2019. They wanted their children to go to school in the Nordic countries. From the beginning, they had planned to move to Stockholm, but after her husband found a job at Paf, it became Åland instead. Their youngest, Sophia, was also born here. Sarah Mazzone pays tribute to ÅHS BB staff.

She was on her way out with it did not feel right, and the midwife was wise enough not to tell me to shake. It turned out that the baby had his hand next to his head, something that the midwife could correct. After that, the birth went well.

Stay at home longer

Sarah Mazzone usually advises expectant mothers not to be too quick to go in when they start to have pain.

The risk is then that the birth becomes more medicalized. The result can be an unplanned caesarean section, not because it is medically urgent but because the woman is too tired. I teach women to be confident in staying at home longer, and understand the different phases of a birth. Then they can relax more in their own environment instead of spending more time in the hospital than necessary.

Adapts the courses

Sarah Mazzone holds her courses in central Mariehamn. She also offers meetings for newly delivered mothers and their children. I can also hold courses at the participants ‘homes, depending on group size. I adapt the courses to the participants’ needs.

In addition to leading courses in hypnobirthing, Sarah Mazzone plans to take courses herself. I plan to take a doula course to be able to work more “hands-on” and be present at births, she says


The method is based on the English doctor Grantly Dick-Read’s research and book “Childbirth without fear” from 1942. It aims to teach expectant mothers about the anatomy of childbirth and about breathing techniques and self-hypnosis to make them feel safer and more relaxed. before, during and after delivery, and reduce the need for pharmacological pain relief. The method also includes the mothers’ partners who have an active role in the birth.

Sarah Mazzone’s company is called The Positive Birth Group. She holds her courses in English.

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