Just like riding a bike.

It’s an analogy I use a lot when I’m teaching. We have to learn how to ride a bike and once we learn it we don’t forget how to do it. It becomes natural to us. 

Birthing a baby is a natural act, but it’s not something we do often in life. Some people might only give birth once in a lifetime. So we need to practise and prepare.

The first times we took my son out on his bike, like any parent would do, we: 

  • Took him to a safe place.
  • Found a flat surface.
  • Stayed with him.
  • Gave him positive words of encouragement.
  • Eliminated any fear factors: cars, people passing by, hills, bumps in the road.
  • Armed him with protective gear: helmet, knee pads, stabilisers.

Likewise, when it comes to giving birth, make sure whoever you choose to be your birth partner is someone that makes you feel safe and protects your space. 

Surround yourself with positivity; don’t listen to negative stories or comments about birth. 

Eliminate your fears by working with an antenatal specialist. 

Arm yourself with tools to make yourself feel safe and comfortable. Understand about birth positions, breathing techniques, the role of baths and essential oils and guided meditation. 

You need to learn how to ride a bike. Then it becomes second nature. 

You need to learn how to give birth. Then you will learn to work with nature.

Learn how to work with your natural instincts and have a positive, safe birth you will remember positively, forever.

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