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Your wedding day versus your baby’s birth day

Weddings are amazing. Such joyous, fun happy occasions. People think about them and start planning them from a very early age. Some people create scrapbooks and use Pinterest to collect ideas before they’re even in a relationship or engaged. It can be so much fun to get excited about a wedding. 

A lot of effort, money and time goes into one day. 

When you have a wedding you need to think about:

  • Do you have a budget? 
  • How many guests will you have? 
  • Have you looked at different venues? 
  • Do you have a theme? 
  • Have you tried different dresses? 
  • Will you hire a wedding planner? 
  • Will you say vows? 
  • Will you have a food-tasting session? 
  • What about cake? 
  • Colour scheme? 

So……many…questions you ask yourself about your wedding day. 

People also think about having children from a very young age. They think about baby names, what they will look like, what their personality will be like, what type of pram

they want, and whether they will breastfeed or bottle feed. 

But when you have a baby, you should also think about the birth day itself: 

  • Do you have a budget for antenatal care to prepare you for the birth?  
  • How many guests will you have? Birth partner, student midwives, main midwife, doula, a friend?
  • Have you looked at different venues? Where will you give birth? Home, midwife-led unit? Maternity ward? 
  • What will your birthing environment be like?
  • Have you tried different birthing techniques?  
  • Will you practise breathing and birthing positions? 

So……many…questions you don’t ask yourself about your baby’s birthday. 

If you hired a wedding planner, you wouldn’t just leave them to do whatever they like and just turn up on the day without any preparation. You’d work with them to get what you want. And you’d probably take on their ideas because they’d have more experience and their advice would be valuable. 

If you were reading vows for your wedding, you’d practise them – over and over – so they came naturally to you on the day. 

Weddings and births are different, but they also have similarities. They’re both one day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. They’re both worth preparing for.

Something for you to think about.

If you want help or you are unsure how to start planning for you baby’s birth day, The Positive Birth Group can help.

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