Five Steps of Giving Birth

Birth can seem pretty complicated. So I’ve created a simplified version in five steps. 

There is: 

One BOSS! The pregnant person is in charge, closely followed by the birth partner.  

There are: 

Two ways to be born: vaginally and abdominally. Abdominal births are by cesarean section, where the baby is born by a small incision in the abdomen and uterus.

There are: 

Three stages of birth. 

  • The first stage is cervical dilation (0-10cm). 0-4cm is early labour, 4-10cm is active labour and 8-10 is the transition. 
  • The second stage is birthing the baby. When the baby is visible and entering the world. 
  • The third stage is birthing the placenta. Normally happens between 10-50 minutes after giving birth. 

There are: 

Four types of pain relief. 

  • Entonox or gas & air. Reduces sensations by 10-20%. 
  • Pethidine injection. Takes around 15 minutes to work and lasts around 3-4 hours. Reduces sensations by 20-40%. 
  • Diamorphine injection. Less common than pethidine, but a similar outcome. 
  • Epidural: Numbs the nerves that carry sensation impulses to the brain.   

Note: Not all forms of pain relief are provided at all hospitals, hospital policies may vary depending on where you are in Europe. Ask your care provider what is available to you. 

You need: 

Five Cs. Comfort, calm, confidence, control and choice. 

Easy as that 😉

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