The Positive Birth Group in the Media

The above article is in Swedish, but below is roughly translated:

It is now possible for pregnant women to take a course in hypnobirthing with their partner in Åland. The course leader is Sarah Mazzone who herself has benefited greatly from the method.

– I teach relaxation techniques that help women give birth more calmly and with more knowledge. Hypnobirthing helps you make the best decisions for you, your body and your child, she says.

– The content of the course can literally change your whole view of childbirth. The techniques and lessons are fantastic and so simple. You go back to basics and reframe everything you think you know about birth.

The role of the partner

What is unique about the course is that it also has a focus on the birth partner, who gets a role and is not just involved as support.

– Many partners feel uncomfortable and sometimes a little lost during childbirth. This course clearly defines the partner’s role and gives them a better understanding of what is happening and what they can do to support their partner. Then the pregnant woman can focus on her body and on the child without being interrupted or distracted, says Sarah and adds:

– I love to empower pregnant women through childbirth, but it is very satisfying to win over a skeptical birth partner and give them the tools they need for their very important role in what should be a fantastic experience in life.

Soothing techniques

Scottish Sarah moved to Åland in the Spring of 2019 together with her husband and two children. Prior to that, the family lived in Malta, where Sarah also taught hypnobirthing. Since moving to Åland, the family has had a third child.

Sarah herself came into contact with hypnobirthing during her first pregnancy.

– I was trawling the  internet one night for birthing techniques that I could use when it was time for me to give birth. I was looking for something that could help me sleep, because I went crazy thinking about what I had in front of me.

Then she found hypnobirthing.

– It was a real light-bulb moment and perfect for me. From that day on, I took control and stopped listening to negative stories about childbirth. Instead, I practiced soothing techniques every day with my partner.

Benefit in the rest of life.

Sarah explains that the hypnobirthing method leads to a calmer and more controlled and enjoyable birth experience that also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your baby.

– It is a natural, gentle and effective form of childbirth, where you and your partner get the tools you need to have full control over your medical team and to have a positive childbirth.

Sarah has had the help of the technicians even after the births.

– I got postpartum anxiety after the birth and everything felt overwhelming. Motherhood took over and I completely forgot about my hypnobirthing techniques.

When the eldest son was four months old, Sarah went home to Glasgow to visit her mother.

– Then I got some clarity and started to focus on what was important. I also regained my hypnobirthing techniques and everything became simpler, clearer and more positive. I could breathe properly again and get some perspective.

After that, Sarah decided to train in hypnobirthing herself.

– I trained as a teacher in 2017 at KG Hypnobirthing and then taught part-time for two years in Malta.

This winter, the turn has come to Åland. Through the company The Positive Birth Group, Sarah leads both online courses and on-site courses in Zandra’s yoga studio in Sjökvarteret. 

The course is only available in English.

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