Birthing Hierarchy

In our society, birth has become extremely medicalised and it is amazing that pregnant people have so much support during pregnancy and birth from their medical team. This, however, has shifted the judgement, instincts and positioning of pregnant people and their birth partners within the birthing hierarchy. 

It is important to bare in mind what you want your birthing hierarchy to look like and where you sit within it. No one, no matter how educated, knows your birth, body or baby as well as you do. The instincts of a pregnant person and their birth partner is unquestionable and no amount of qualifications supersede these instincts.

Each pregnancy is unique, each baby is unique and each birth is unique. 

Pregnant people this is for you: 

  • No one has spent as much time with your baby as you have.
    No one has your instincts. 
  • You are the boss of your birth – everyone else is there to support you. 
  • Choose a birth partner that will be by your side and on your side. 
  • Be informed.
    Have a plan. 
  • Make sure your birth partner knows your plan and can advocate for you.
    Discuss different paths your birth can take and be prepared for them. 
  • If there is nothing wrong, it is perfectly ok to do nothing. 
  • Don’t be put under pressure. 

If you want to support in owning your own birth and embracing your role at the top of this hierarch, please get in touch

And remember, You’ve got this!

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