Use your BRAINS

When you’re having a baby you may be faced with terminology or medical jargon you don’t hear every day and even worse, you may be asked to make decisions based on something you’re not very informed about. If so, it’s time to think BRAINS.

BRAINS is a framework used in hypnobirthing to help parents extract as much information from a conversation as possible or to give you time to do your own research. Unless you’re faced with an emergency, use your BRAINS.

B – benefits. Examples: What are the benefits of doing of an induction? What are the benefits of a sweep?

R – risks. Examples: what are the risks of early induction? Does a sweep have any risks?

A – alternatives. Ask what your alternatives are. You have every right to know if there are alternatives to what is being offered.

I – instinct. No one is more of an expert than you when it comes to you and your baby. Trust yourself and your instincts.

N – nothing. You don’t have to make decisions on the spot, you can do nothing, until you and your birth partner have made an informed decision together.

S – smile 😊

BRAINS can be used in many different life situations and not just pregnancy related. It’s a great tool to have and use.

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