The Performance – Sex like Birth

In hypnobirthing we’re taught to have minimal intervention during childbirth. The environment should be calm and uninterrupted, in order for the oxytocin to flow. What if conception or trying for a baby was like childbirth…..!?

Giving birth is one of the most natural things a woman can do. Women have been doing it for centuries upon centuries. Then it became medicalised, generating billions of profits across the developed world.

It sounds ludicrous but what if conception was medicalised. Think of the money!

This very clever and funny video allows almost anyone to immediately understand the biological imperatives for normal childbirth, while simultaneously exposing important reasons why our current system does not and cannot meet the needs of healthy childbearing women.

Over the last 100 years, the number, frequency and invasiveness of medical interventions used routinely during normal childbirth has steadily increased without any associated benefit to healthy women with normal pregnancies.

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