Top five uses for hypnobirthing…. after pregnancy

I’m not a big fan of the dentist at all (who is!?), not for any specific reason but like my mum, I want to try and take my kids for check ups every 6-12 months so they get use to it. Yesterday, I entered the dental reception area with my family and suddenly started to get anxiety and I went straight to my #hypnobirthing techniques to calm down. This made me take note of how often I use tools I learned in #hypnobirthing without even thinking about it.

Here is my top 5:

1. When the kids are stressing me out. If a kidlet is mid tantrum, I do my breathing to try and centralise myself and deal with the situation without losing my head.

2. If I can’t sleep and have a busy head. I can focus on my breathing and within a few minutes I’m gone. Or I pop on one of my KG Hypnobirthing MP3s.

3. If I am challenged or unsure of what to do in certain situations that are outside my comfort zone, I reach for BRAINS; benefits, risks, alternatives, instinct, do nothing or smile. This is a great tool if you’re unsure. There is nothing wrong with asking these questions or smiling and doing nothing until you have informed yourself.

4. PFEpelvic floor exercises.  After having 2 kids and a bit of a weak pelvic floor, I know how important it is to exercise this muscle. Just because you can’t see it (like bingo wings) doesn’t mean it’s not important to tighten up. I do it when having a cuppa, making food, breastfeeding or walking. I try and do at least 20 mins a day.

5. Anxiety. I suffer from bad anxiety, and sometimes for no reason, sometimes because I have a lot going on, but either way I can use my breathing techniques to relax and calm down.

If you practice your hypnobirthing techniques and use the course material, the skills you learn can be used for many things, by men and  women.

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