My hypnobirthing journey

When I was pregnant, fellow mums would scare the life out of me when it came to giving birth. All I heard were horror stories. I couldn’t wait to hold my baby – I’d wanted a baby for as long as I could remember – but how was I going get through the birth….

One night, when I was about 6 months pregnant, I was trolling the internet at 3am in the morning for calming techniques for when I went into labour – and something to help me sleep, as my mind was going crazy with everything that I had coming. This is when I came across hypnobirthing, and it made perfect sense to me. From that day forward, I took control. I wouldn’t listen to negative stories about child birth, I practiced techniques every single day and my partner was fully involved.

We had a fantastic, natural birth. It was calm and positive, we were in control. We were ‘Together’ in every sense of the word.

After having my son, everyone asked “how was it?”, waiting for the gory details. When I use words like ‘romantic’, ‘relaxing’, ’empowering’ people look at me like I am crazy, but it was and that’s what hypnobirthing did.

The baby arrived and he was perfect, but I was a mess. It was hard, I wanted everything to be perfect, but it wasn’t. I had severe post-partum anxiety. Everything was a big deal (even if it wasn’t). With tiredness, lack of food and nutrients, trying to stay on top of housework, life, my relationship, going back to work – I wasn’t coping. I had suddenly forgot about my hypnobirthing techniques, mothering and life had taken over.

When my son was 4 months, we went to stay with my mum in Glasgow for a week. I needed a break, I needed looked after, I needed to be with people who have known me forever, my people. It was then I got some clarity and focused on what was important. I made a mental shift. I re-intruded my hypnobirthing techniques. Everything because easier, clearer, and more positive.

Hypnobirthing techniques are a solid part of my life and gives me the grounding and calmness I need to tackle life and support my family.

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