Vitamin K. Vitamin K? Vitamin K!

A high percentage of parents don’t know much about vitamin k until their shiny new babies are whisked off to have their injection, which normally happened within the first hour of your bundle of joy being born. 

What is Vitamin K, I hear you ask. It’s a clotting factor within the body and babies are born with a much lesser amount than adults. As an adult, if you get a cut or something happens within the body, Vitamin K will make you blood start to clot so that you don’t lose too much blood or start hemorrhage. This does not happen with babies.

There are 2 ways of giving babies vitamin k; an injection in the thigh or orally in 3 doses.

There is no evidence or papers that have ever documented any long term damage or risks of giving babies an adult dose of vitamin k. 

Mother nature is a fantastic thing and maybe there is a reason our little ones have less vitamin k. Maybe because they need their blood to flow more easily around their tiny organs? Maybe because they spend a lot of time lying around in the first few months of their life and not having as much vitamin k helps their circulation? No one can really give a definitive answer.

Just bear in mind that sometimes rather than the vitamin k being offered to parents, it’s treated more like a routine procedure, but it is optional. 

I’ve read a lot about vitamin k and it’s always a pretty non-conclusive topic, but something parents to be should have a think about and be aware of. 

To read more and gain a full understanding of Vitamin K have a read through the AIMS website – CLICK HERE >>>

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