Hospital bag for mum and dad

When I was packing my bag for hospital it turned into 2 large suitcases – I had never done it before, I wanted to be prepared for all eventualities. I didn’t actually need more than half of it.

Here are my top 5 things (over and above the obvious) you should pack, a mummy list and a daddy list:

For the mums:

  1. Pads and extra underwear
    No matter how big the pads are you’re going to buy, buy the bigger ones. I had to wear 2 at one point. Even underwear, pack extra. Nice, oversized cotton pants.
  2. Dry Shampoo
    My hair wasn’t so clean after having the baby but I didn’t want to be away from him, so a quick shower and dry shampoo did the trick. Had nice volume for my visitors and it smelled fresh.
  3. A note pad and pen
    Time goes so fast that I wish I’d written down how I felt or I’d taken a few notes of things that the baby did, or how I felt.
  4. Bed socks and a jumper or cosy cardigan
    Your body goes through a lot and I felt really cold during labour and after. I borrowed the boyfs hoodie and got my mother-in-law to bring me fluffy bed socks.
  5. Soft nail file
    Socks as mittens, as the mittens kept falling off.

    Socks as mittens, as the mittens kept falling off.

    I wish I had a small nail file. My son scratched his face pretty much as soon as he came out, we had mittens, but they’re  a nightmare to stay on.
    TIP: we used socked on the baby’s hands to stop him from scratching

For the dad to remember:

  1. Charger and camera
    Dad, take LOADS of pictures of your lady and new baby, in fact, even when she is pregnant take loads of pictures. Even if she doesn’t want you too, in the future she will take you. I have 1 picture with my newborn.
  2. Extra jumper
    I stole the boyfs, so take extra in case. After your lady has the baby, she may feel very cold.
  3. Extra snacks
    The snacks are suppose to be to keep your energy high, but men have a tendency to eat all of them, so buy more.
  4. More food
    Having a baby uses a lot of energy, I remember being starving. Especially if the mother is breastfeeding.
  5. Loose change
    It’s good to have a small bag of coins for parking, coffees (more snacks), pay phones – if you forget the charger.

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